About Us

H.O.P.E. Staffing Solutions is a minority owned business, striving to Help Others Prosper through Employment (H.O.P.E). We are seeking to become an industry leader in Arkansas’ staffing industry, through hard work and customer satisfaction. By partnering with some of the best companies in the state, we seek to connect talent with opportunity.

Our passion is to advance the development of recruiting, while creating a world of ideas without boundaries to assist employers in finding talented and diverse candidates. We aspire to become the business without competition. We aim to be the resource for hiring Arkansans, providing employment readiness and contributing to the decrease of unemployment, particularly in the state of Arkansas.

To reach this milestone, we have created a recruiting tool called Job Star.

Job Star is an online job search engine created to advertise open positions in Arkansas. Through the power of cutting edge marketing, we seek to be creative, personable and informative, which gives Job Star a significant advantage over the larger national corporate job sites.
To get a head start, you’ll want the best team behind you. That team is H.O.P.E Staffing Solutions. Whether you’re a seasoned professional aspiring to make a career move, or a recent college grad, or you’re simply ready to join the workforce again, Job Star is where your talent can shine when applying in today’s tough job market.

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